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Leg pain

Two years ago I severely fractured my ankle in two places. Operations, rehab, physical therapy did nothing to facilitate my ability to walk and alleviate pain. An ankle fusion operation, with no guarantees, was proposed as a last resort. When I told Dr. Green about this during a regular back “adjustment” visit, he suggested I try therapy at Spine and Sports before undergoing surgery. For the past eight months I have had treatments, including ARP Wave, Soft Tissue Laser Therapy, taping and extremity adjustment with Drs. Green and Edelstein. I have been going several times a week, which seems like a lot, but something I looked forward to because each treatment brought relief, albeit to a different part of the ankle and leg. Today (with the help of a prescribed brace recommended by surgeon), I am walking normally with little or no pain. Being able to resume life as it was is something short of amazing. The patience, understanding, caring, knowledge and yes, sense of humor (Dr. Edelstein!), is a tribute I want to share with others who might have lost some or all hope.

-N.G. Boston, MA

Very Thorough

Ryan is my therapist and is great. Very knowledgeable and thorough. He explains this very well. – Edward M. Boston, MA

Helpful in Relieving Pain

Dr. Greene and Ryan Lunny are great and both so helpful in relieving pain and explaining possible causes. – Elena D. Boston, South End

Wonderful Physical Therapist

Ryan’s great! I’m grateful to have a wonderful physical therapist. Happy that I found him – Christina G. Boston, MA

Johanna is A Miracle Worker

Johanna has made me a believer! I thought I would need surgery to heal my knee but I do not. She is a miracle worker and even my doctor cannot believe how much progress has been made going to physical therapy. – Ronald H. Boston, MA

Ryan is fantastic

Consummate professional with incredible knowledge and skill, who instills more confidence in me that I will get better than I even do in myself. Excellent first three sessions. My first session was honestly miraculous – I left without feeling the pain that sidelined me for three weeks thanks to Ryan. – Rebecca N. Boston, MA

Great experience!

Julia is a pleasure to work with and was very helpful and responsive to questions related to scheduling and insurance. Ryan was great and it was the first time, out of my many previous experiences with other practitioners, who thoroughly explained everything. I thought I’d have to live with chronic back pain the rest of my life but I feel reassured that will not be the case – I already feel improvement after my first visit. -Jenna T. Boston, MA



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